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MJS 'Cooking with Friends'


There are so many options you can use, to your taste.

Boiled lentils - 50 grams

Avocados - 1 chopped

Pomegranate 1 2 tsp

Carrots - Shredded - 50grams Cucumber - Diced - 50 grams Beetroot - Boiled - 50 grams Spring onions - Finely sliced - 50 grams Mango - Chopped - 50 grams

Grapes - 5-6


Left overs from the day/night before

Sauce - fresh herbs, cayenne pepper, 2 tbsp lime juice, peanut butter and any other to your taste


  1. Whisk it all together and place at the bottom of the jar.

  2. Then add lentils, veggies and fruits, layering alternately until your jar is full. Then store overnight, pop into your bag next morning and enjoy a healthy exotic salad to your hearts content.

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