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INGREIENTS for the grilled pineapple:

1 fresh Pineapple, cut into rounds 3 tbsp honey ½ fresh lime juice 1 tsp ground black pepper


Mix together honey, lime and black pepper. Using a brush baste the pineapple rings and grill each side until nicely caramelized.

INGREDIENTS: for the Mojito:

2 Passion fruits iced (freeze until ready to serve)

350 ml of Coconut water (natural)

1 cup Grilled pineapple and some slices/wedges of grilled pineapple for garnishing

2 tbsp of Frozen mango yogurt and extra for adding a scoop to each glass when ready to serve

Ice cubes


  1. Blend together coconut water, grilled pineapple and frozen mango yogurt.

  2. Place ice cubes in each glass and pour the above mixture over, add a scoop of frozen mango yogurt in each and top with shavings of frozen passion fruit.

  3. Garnish with grilled pineapple wedge.

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