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Date & Fig Pudding layered with greek yogurt sprinkled with pistachio nuts

Quick and easy pudding sweetened with honey!

4 servings


8 Dates (pitted)

3-4 Fresh figs

1 cup Greek yogurt (you can use low fat)

1 cup Natural yogurt

4 tbsp Honey

2-3 drops Vanilla essence (optional)

4 tbsp Pistachio nuts (chopped)


  1. Chop the dates and figs.

  2. Stir the Greek yogurt and natural yogurt together until creamy, add the vanilla essence, and stir in a little of the honey about 1 tbsp.

  3. Layer in individual glass or dessert bowl. First, add a little yogurt, then the dates and figs, then another layer of yogurt. Decorate the top with dates, figs, pistachio nuts, and drizzle honey just before serving.

  4. Tastes best when served chilled.


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