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A refreshing vegetarian salad combined with sweet watermelon fruit with salty cheese tossed in lime zest. A bright salad full of texture.

Serves 4


200g Halloumi Cheese - 1cm thick slices

2 Spring onions - finely sliced

1-2 Limes - finely grate the zest and squeeze the juice

2-3 tbs Mint finely chopped

2-3 tbs Parsley finely chopped

200g Rocket leaves

1/2 red onion finely sliced

1/2 Watermelon deseeded and diced

1 -2 tbsp Olive oil

100g Olives can use stuffed ones of your choice

100g Pomegranate seeds

Black pepper - to your taste

1- tbsp hot chilli sauce

Zatar (optional) - to your taste


  1. In a bowl toss together the halloumi, lime zest, spring onions, 1 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp of mint and 1 tbsp of parsley.

  2. Place on a foil lined baking tray and place in a pre-heated grill for 3-4 minutes making sure that both sides are nice and golden.

  3. Toss the watermelon, sliced red onion, olives, parsley and mint. Place rocket leaves in 4 plates and add the tossed watermelon on top in each plate.

  4. Take the grilled halloumi and place 2-3 slices on top of the salad. Add the pomegranate seeds to each plate.

  5. Finally prepare the dressing: mix together in a bowl/jug, lime juice, olive oil, chilli sauce, black pepper, zatar (optional).

  6. Drizzle the dressing on each plate before serving.

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