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Moong daL chutney

Moong dal chutney - healthy green chutney.

Recipe by Chef Keshaw from Masala Restaurant at Bab Al Shams


Green lentil cup 1

Coriander leaf Tbs 1

Lemon juice Tbs 1 Green chili No 1 Salt As per your taste

Onion chop Tbs 2 Tomato chop Tbs 2 Mustard oil Tbs 1/2 Ginger Chop Tbs 1/2


  1. Clean and wash the moong dal and boil it for 20-25 minute in slow flame.

  2. After boiling stain the water and make cold both boil moong and stain water.

  3. Add salt, lemon juice, green chili, garlic and blend in a mixer to a paste with little stain water

  4. Add mustard oil and mix well.

  5. Serve with chop onion, tomato and coriander.

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