chutneY made with peanuts and chana dal

Mungfally ki chutney - made with peanuts and chana dal

Recipe by Chef Keshaw from Masala Restaurant at Bab Al Shams Resorts & Spa


Peanuts without skin Cup 1 Bengal gram (Chana dal) Cup 1/2 Lemon juice Tbs 1 Green chili No 1 Salt To test Curry leaves No 3-4 Mustard seeds Tbs 1/2 Olive oil Tbs 2


Heat oil in a pan and fry the peanuts on low to medium flame Add the roosted chana dal and fry 2-3 minute more Let the mixture cool down Add the mixture in a grinder Add olive oil, lemon juice, salt Pour some water and grind the peanut chutney to a smooth consistency Check the salt and add more if required Garnish with tempered mustard seeds and curry leaf.

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