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Treat your family and friends with these homemade Paan Flavoured Chocolates that simply melt in your mouth! So delicious it is heavenly!

Makes approximately 15-20 Chocolates

INGREDIENTS: 2 x 230g Dairy Milk Chocolate Paan flavoured mukhwaas (can be any combination of your choice) Chocolate Silicone Mould small size shapes


  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave or double boiler (35 degrees or less)

  2. With a teaspoon fill the moulds half way with the chocolate, then spoon the mukhwas on top of that then again top with melted chocolate. Rotate so that the chocolate is evenly coated inside the moulds.

  3. Place the moulds in the refrigerator for 30 - 40 minutes or until set.

  4. Remove from the refrigerator and flip/push up the chocolates from the moulds one by one.

  5. Store in a cool place.

Indian fusion of After Eight's Mints, great treat as after-dinner mints.

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