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PASSION FRUIT PUDDING - sweet, rich and creamy fresh fruit pudding.


Passion fruit - plus any other fruits of your choice.

Most popular are:


Apples Bananas Pomegranate Grapes Pears Strawberries

Double cream Mango pulp to taste. Sugar to taste (depending on fruits chosen as some are sweeter than others). Cardamom Powder to taste

Saffron Chopped nuts (optional) Vanilla ice-cream can be added before serving (optional)

METHOD: ⦁ Chop all fruits the same size small cubes. ⦁ Mix together the cream, custard powder and sugar. ⦁ Add mango pulp and passion fruit seeds and nuts (optional) ⦁ Add the chopped fruits and stir. ⦁ Serve chilled. Vanilla ice-cream can be added before serving.

All the above ingredients are to your taste, you can also add other fruits.

Serve chilled in individual bowls.

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