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Parsley & Peanuts Salad - Eat your colours! Nutritious vegetables and fruits.


1 cup Parsley, finely chopped

200g Peanuts, boiled and dry roasted

1/2 cup Sweetcorn

1/2 cup Kidney beans

1 Green apple, cubed

10 Grapes red, slice in half

1/2 cup Pomegranate seeds

10 Cherry tomatoes, slice in half

5 Iceberg lettuce leaves, finely chopped

1-2 Cucumbers diced

1-2 Carrots diced

1/2 cup Capsicum (mixed colours diced)


2-3 tbsp Olive oil

1 tsp Garlic salt

1 tsp Black pepper

1 tsp Red Chili's

1 Lime squeezed


Prepare all fruits and vegetables as stated above on the ingredients list and mix together in a large bowl.

Prepare dressing by mixing all the ingredients.

When ready to serve add the dressing toss the salad, plate the salad in a dish and garnish to your taste!


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